10 Strategies by the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing

Watch me as I share with you the top 10 strategies used by the best leaders and earners!

Use your Emotions to Fuel Change in Your Life

Women do it better because they use the gifts they were given to DOMINATE.

Sometimes in life and work you get hit with some tricky situations and emotions.

I’m going to help you leverage your emotions to navigate through the situation – together we are going to get you unstuck. Become open to the possibilities and fuel change!

Women's Natural Gift with Wendy Hilliard

I am so excited to share this guest with you today!

Wendy Hilliard is a name you want to write down – she is the first African American woman to make the US national gymnastics team, the first black President of the Women’s Sports Foundation, has performed on Broadway, and so much more!

She has fought to get where she is today and today on Women Do It Better, she’s here to share her story with us. Stay tuned!

Push Through Even When It's Uncomfortable

In this episode, I talk about how to build up your resilience by pushing yourself, even when it is uncomfortable. I share some of my experiences and the obstacles I’ve overcome by learning how to get back up each time I fall.

Don't Be The Same - Be Better

We are not going to be the same in 2018 that we were in 2017. In this new year, you can make major changes by being prepared to deal with your challenges.

This is not comparing yourself to others, this is being inspired by others and using your gifts to always be better.