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"I'm called to move ambitious people from the Ordinary to the EXTRAordinary."

Gloria Mayfield Banks

"I'm called to move ambitious people from the Ordinary to the EXTRAordinary."

Gloria Mayfield Banks

Unlock the secrets to success with Gloria’s

7 Steps to Elite Status

Elevate your career, income, and leadership skills to extraordinary levels

Seize this opportunity to claim your path to greatness and unlock your full potential today!

Meet Gloria

Mayfield Banks

International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Success Strategist

I am an internationally renowned motivational speaker, success strategist and sales trainer.

I am the #1 Elite Executive National Sales Director for Mary Kay. Inc, annually leading my international sales team to multimillion-dollar success.

I am a founding partner of Charisma Factor, a corporate event planning company.

I am an author. My published book, “Quantum Leaps” details specific steps to breaking personal and team records over and over and causing winners to soar.

leap off the fence of indecision. get out of the 'Want to lane' and put yourself into the 'Got to lane'

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Empower your audience with Gloria's high-energy presentations that transform ambition into extraordinary success.

Book the internationally renowned motivational speaker and top Mary Kay executive to inspire and drive real change.

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Transform your leadership and career with Super Bad All-Day. This empowering program provides access to the Super Bad Essentials, a community chat, masterclass recordings, a members-only podcast, and the P.I.E.C.E. Framework.

Connect with ambitious women, gain exclusive insights from leading experts, and elevate your personal and professional growth!

Lead Your Ship Masterclass

Designed for ambitious women aiming for 6-7 figure growth, this masterclass offers free access to transformative skills in people management, income growth, emotional intelligence, confidence, and sustained excellence.

Learn from Gloria’s experience as the top income earner at Mary Kay, and unlock the strategies that propelled her career to extraordinary heights.

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the words of others

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